Traditional Style Bridle with Padded Flash Noseband

My range of bespoke bridles include the more traditional styles in a variety of options and also my own range of Deluxe Comfort bridles.

The Deluxe Comfort bridles are designed with an anatomical view to give a greater comfort to the horse.  This is achieved by adjusting the shape of the padded integral headpiece to naturally fit the contours of the ear base and therefore reducing pressure to the cranial nerves.  All of the nosebands with the Deluxe Comfort bridle range are adjustable from either side to allow more flexibility with the fit and to also reduce potential pressure to the poll.

The overall integral design of this headpiece reduces weight and bulkiness when compared to more traditional styles of bridle.


Traditional Style Bridle with Padded  lash Noseband

  • Made from top quality English leather.
  • Comes with Padded Flash Noseband.
  • Available in either Black, Dark Havana or Australian Nut coloured leather (see photo)
  • Cheeks are available in a choice of 1/2″, 5/8″ or 3/4″ widths.
  • Cheek pieces available with either hook stud or buckle billet fastenings.
  • Comes as standard with solid Nickel fittings.  Brass available.


Prices from £187.00

Please note reins are not included, but are available to purchase seperately.

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