Pelham Roundings (Pair)

Did you know I sell many of the component parts of a bridle, or the additional pieces, separately?

Pelham roundings are one such product you can get this way.  Designed to be used with Pelhams and some continental bits you’d normally use two reins for.  By using a rounding it continues to effect the two aspects of the bit action with the convenience of just one rein.  It’s an ideal option for times when double reins might be used by children or novices who might not be skilled enough for two reins.  Also ideal when jumping when 2 reins can be a handful.


Pelham Roundings
Price £50.00 Pair

  • Made from top quality English leather.
  • Available in either Black, Dark Havana, Australian Nut or Tan coloured leather (see photo)
  • Billet or Buckle options.
  • Comes as standard with solid Nickel fittings.  Brass available.



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