Leather Whippet Collar with Sheepskin Lining

What could be better than giving your canine best friend a smart, comfortable and durable collar to wear throughout their life?

Sighthounds, like Whippets, Greyhounds and Lurchers have long necks.  Often a regular collar can cause damage to the throat and windpipe area on these breeds and so collars with a wider band to them have become a way to help protect the necks of these breeds.

I offer a standard design here but I am just as happy to create individually designed collars on request. Created thanks to a variety of leather colour, buckle, length and width choices – all from top quality English leather.

Can be made to your specific size needs. Please note though, made to measure products are based on customers own supplied measurements and therefore are non refundable.


Leather Whippet Collar with Sheepskin Lining
Price from £30.00

  • Top quality comfortable English leather (shown here in Australian Nut)
  • Plain flat leather with wide panel.
  • Lined with pure Sheepskin.
  • Available in Black, Dark Havana, Australian Nut or Tan coloured leather (see options photo)
  • Options on widths.
  • Buckle closure choices of silver or brass.
  • Custom length to fit neck.
  • Brass Identity Plates can also be included at additional cost.


Sizing Help
Measure a collar that you already use from the turn of the leather/webbing at the buckle end to the hole you use the most this gives you the size you need to order. All my collars come with either 3, 5 or 7 holes (depending on the collar size) and your measurement will become the middle hole.

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