Easy-Open Leather Browband

Sometimes you need to be able to put your bridle on your horse in pieces.  By having a browband that quickly and simply opens on one side your opportunity to safely tack up those horses that might be a little sensitive is vastly improved.

This style is available in a range of styles, from plain flat leather, through padded or raised and stitched, maybe even a plaited design, all of my browbands only use top quality English leather.  You can chose from a variety of widths and naturally there’s different leather colours too. So please do contact me today for more information or flick through some of the designs currently shown here to discover which version you’d like.



Easy-Open Leather Browband
Price £22.00

  • Top quality English Leather.
  • Buckle open to one side.
  • Available in either Black, Dark Havana, Australian Nut or Tan coloured leather (see sample photo)
  • A choice of 1/2″, 5/8″ or 3/4″ widths.



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