Leather Repairs

Quality Repairs
Instead of buying a brand new piece for your broken tack or leather product TC Leatherwork can offer you a full repair service. Quality repairs can keep your tack perfectly useable and safe so it isn’t necessary to throw away a bridle because a buckle has broken from your cheek piece, reins, throatlash etc.


Repair services available include:
🔶 Saddlery Repairs: Keepers, buckles, re–rubbering reins, spot stitching, D rings, saddle flaps, stirrup leathers, girths straps.
🔶 Saddle flocking.
🔶 Boot repairs: Spot stitching (both for equines and humans).
🔶 Miscellaneous: Shooting accessories, belts, dog leads.

Above are only examples please contact for further details.


Horses & Ponies come in all shapes & sizes, so very few actually have heads that fit to standard sizes. As well as bespoke made to measure bridles, I can also offer you the service of shortening cheeks, throatlatches, nosebands etc to make your own bridle, fit your horse.

If you wish to send photos of your repair item please email them to tony@tcleatherwork.co.uk and I will answer any queries you may have. A free estimate of the cost of repair can be given prior to commencement of work.